Most of BDRF’S income is raised from charitable trusts and private companies. In recent years we have secured just over £1,600,000 from this source.

BDRF is extremely grateful to all its trust and company donors. We list below some of the gifts received since June 2014.

Amount Trust and Company Gifts
£80,000 Robert Luff Foundation Limited (7)
£29,700 The Stephen Gordon Catto CT (2)
£10,000 The Charles Wolfson CT (3)
£8,000 The Childwick Trust (3)
£5,150 The George John and Sheilah Livanos CT (3)
£5,000 The Holbeck CT (2), PF CT (2), The Swire CT, The Charles and Elsie Sykes T (3)
£4,000 The Henry Lumley CT (8), The Cecil Pilkington CT
£3,000 Sylvia Aitken CT (4), The Tay F (8), The James Weir F (4)
£2,000 Anson CT (6), The Misses Barrie CT (4), The Peter Courtauld CT, The Family Rich CT (5), The John Raymond Tijou CT
£1,750 Homelands CT (2)
£1,500 Banham CF, The Lord Faringdon CT (4)
£1,285 The John Raymond Tijou CT (2)
£1,175 G M Morrison CT (6)
£1,000 The Annett T, The Lord Belstead CT (3), The Richard Kirkman T, The Liebenrood CT (6), The George A Moore F (2), The Murphy-Neumann CC Ltd (6), The Kate Wilson Oliver CT (3), Edwin George Robinson CT (8), The Rolfe CT (2), The Oliver Stanley CT, The Betty Stott Medical Research CT (2)

Plus twenty six gifts below £1,000.
Numbers in brackets indicate where the gift is e.g. the 2nd or 3rd from the donor.

Think you can help?

If you would like to tie your gift to a specific project BDRF is happy to accommodate this or you can fund the on-going costs for current projects.

Find out about our projects that currently need funding.