Around 1 million people in the UK have a serious bowel disease. While there is great potential for advances in treatment, it has historically been a grossly under-funded area of medicine, meaning that many patients have died or suffered unnecessarily.

The BDRF ‘Delphi’ project brought together hundreds of patients and surgeons, charities and advocacy groups with one bold aim – to single out the areas of most urgent and unmet need in bowel disease research.

BDRF is now calling on people across the UK and Ireland to get behind the Delphi Project by making a donation to support this life-changing research.

They are also calling on businesses of all shapes and sizes to get involved – not just through fundraising but through collaborative strategic partnerships to further strengthen the impact.

If you would like to register to take part in further patient or corporate collaborative research events in 2017 then please contact the office on the contact details below.

Glen Saffery – Coordinator   or Tel: 0207 869 6946


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